A bar is one of the point of sales in hospitality industry. It is a service area where alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages are produced or served.

The size of the bar depends on the size of the establishment.

Factors to consider when planning a bar

1. The Area- There should be enough space for the movement of bar attendants.

2. Layout- Equipments and items must be well arranged easy accessibly.

3. Plumbing- There should be hot and cold water running for glass washing.

4. Power- There should be electricity so that refrigerator will be working for beverages to be served cold.

5. Storage space- There should be sufficient space to store drinks. It could be in form of shelf, cupboard or bar.

6. Safety and Hygiene- The materials in the bar must be of good quality and type. It must be able to retain wear and tear. The floor must be durable and not slippery. The materials must be hygienic and safe. The bar-top(shelves) must be of average height for convenience.

7. Location- The bar must be at the area where revenue can be generated.

8. Interior decoration- since the decoration also promote sales, the wall must be painted with a warm bright colour(like yellow, blue, pink, white). It must always look cool at all time.

9. Floor covering- It must be covered with good quality carpet, rug or tiles.

10. Fittings and Furniture- It should be of good quality material and well polished. It must match the interior decoration of the bar.

11. Lightening system- It must be a bright light. For example, fluorescent because it does not generate hear and it does not form shadow.

12. Ventilation- The use of air condition is very important. The bar must always be cool at all time.

13. Electronic System- The bar should have television, sound system and other electronic system.

14. Cash Register- It must use either manual or computerized cash register system. This is necessary to keep record of beverages for proper control.