*10-Day Intensive Certificate Course in Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine*

*10-Day Intensive Certificate Course in Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine*

Going by today, it has been over some days that we concluded the first ICC Lagos organised by *Olaking Institute of Holistic Medicine.*

And of course, participants learnt a great deal in the areas of Prophetic Medicine, Acupuncture, touch on Herbal Medicine etc. Not to also forget the wonderful practical sessions we had with Dr. Olaking himself, Dr. AbdulLaah and the iconic Professor Baderinwa

In fact, feedback showed that participants were more than satisfied with the modules learnt and the knowledge acquired from the classes therefrom

Even though, the facilitators (Dr. Olaking and Dr. AbdulLaah) believed, there are still a lot of milestone to be covered particularly as it relates to Acupuncture and it healing powers and extensively the wonderful cure divinely characterised in herbal medicines

So after ICC Lagos, what next and where do we go from there? Will it be a one time training or there is plan for future engagements?

These are questions we have been receiving from participants and those intending to join the training

So after considering all options available, it becomes pertinent for us to say *what next* order us to further strengthen the knowledge base of our practitioner…

Although the OIHM team would have loved to move to other parts of the country to expand more engagements, we rather felt it will be much more impactful if we are able to finish what we started in Lagos up to a meaningful point

If you have been guessing though, let’s hope you have been guessing right…

#ICC isn’t leaving Lagos yet and it is coming up once again this January!

As if that’s enough of the good news, this time around it will be all about needles(acupuncture)… massaging the body for cure (reflexology and other related medical concepts) and of course, it is sure going to be about herbs and their curing effects (demystifying all the demystifyables)!!

As if that is all too, this time around, the course is going to be a full 10 days of learning and practising with established and renowned practitioners of different kinds of naturopathic medicine


10 – Day Intensive Certification Course in Acupuncture.

Participate in the 10-Day #ICC session organized by Olaking Institute of Holistic Medicine (OIHM); to learn practical Acupuncture and it’s healing powers.

In addition, you will be taking some freebie courses including:

* Chiropractic medicine
* Diagnostic methods
* Herbal Medicine
* Reflexology etc.

*Cost of Course (CoC): #65,000*
*Location: Ikeja, Lagos*

Registration begins: January 10, 2019

Course Begins: January 30, 2019
Course Ends: February 8, 2019.

For enquiries call: 07060795915

So now, sleep over it, get it together and don’t take chances with being at the next #ICCLagos.

Those who were there a week ago can sure tell you what it’s worth being with the wonderful professionals of OIHM

Aside from the professional hands of our in house facilitators here at OIHM, anticipate the presence of….

Guess please…

Of course, the guessing is a hard tackle to many….

Aside from the possible guess of the presence of Professor Baderinwa ( as he was present at the last training) who is the vice president of Nigerian Council of Natural Medicine Physicians, Director and Member of Senate, Medicina Alternativa (Africa), over 30 years Common Wealth registered Acupuncturist;

Guessing who and who will at this coming training may not be that easy…

So I will help

Anticipate your meeting and learning from:

*Dr Abdul Quadri Jamiu Olanrewaju*

Dr. Abdul Quadri Jamiu Olanrewaju is a Physical therapist (Acu therapist, Osteopath, Reflexologist, Chiropractor, martial artist, a senior lecturer.

_No doubt the Martial Artist part got to me, but everywhere still good shaa_

Also look forward to meeting and learning from:

*Dr Yusuf Atanda*
BSc. Ui, MSc.,

He had his professional training in apitherapy at the Hebrew university, Israel and German Apitherapy society Passaic, Germany.

He has attended international conferences on aspects of natural medicine, usually on invitation, in the Netherlands, Germany, Israel, Italy and Japan. He has been a health consultant to many individuals and corporate organizations, and is a member of many international alternative medicine societies.

For our intending participants to know this practice isn’t an all male affair; you will also be meeting and learning from:

*Dr (Mrs) Oladejo Aisha*

Dr. Mrs Aisha is a very experienced cupping therapist, reflexologist, acupressure therapist, massage therapist and an acupuncturist. Dr. Mrs Aisha bagged her Doctor of medicine (Acupuncture) at Medicinia Alternativa – The Open International University for Complementary Medicine, Colombo, Sri Lanka. She has by Allah’s mercy treated many life challenging health issues including Autism. She is the CEO and Chief consultant at, Samdah natural clinic, Navy town, ojo Lagos. She’s co-founder of CMD International.

Do I need to still say Professor Baderinwa is confirmed? Surely, the astute Prof. will be joining us again in this training.

Our oga, Dr. Olaking nko with us team at OIHM?

If they are not there who go dey? Lol…

I can’t wait to be a part of the next ICCLagos myself….

Remember that, OIHM as an institute is not all about the teaching… We are training professionals for the sake of impact. When you pass through the trainings at OIHM, you begin to see the impact yourself and also making the impact.

*What ICC?*

ICC is an Intensive Certification Course is one of the learning tracks of Olaking Institute of Holistic Medicine (OIHM).

OIHM as an institution and platform practices Natural Cure for ailing patients through treatment as well as provision of natural cure medicines.

In a bid to promote and make the knowledge of natural cure become well known and pronounced, OIHM organizes series of learning activities for practitioners and those with interest as entrants into the profession and one of those learning activities is what has been named ICC.

As we look forward to other sessions of ICC, it will interest you to know that the maiden session of ICC which was a 6-Day learning course on Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture ended few days ago with participants being elated with what they have been able to learn even within a supposed short period of time.

Another ICC is here again

Stay blessed and have a good day ahead

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