Tourism attracts small –scale industries, employment, foreign exchange, domestic earnings, income and internal revenue as a result of the patronage of the tourist site.

Recommendations on how to improve tourist flow in Olumo rock, Ogun state.

Good roads should be constructed in areas where these tourist centers are located to ease the difficulty of accessibility. Good roads are one of the indices used to identify a city. The Olumo rock is located in the ancient city of Abeokuta. It is the heart of Abeokuta. When good roads are constructed leading to these tourist centers, it brings about the general development of the area such as the provision of other social amenities like hotels, restaurants etc.

Power supply is paramount to the successful functioning of the tourism industry. The government of Ogun state should ensure that there is constant power supply at this tourist center. This will make the attraction convenient for tourist and this has the possibility of attracting more people to visit the tourist centers.

As the saying goes “all work without play makes Jack a dull boy”. Recreational facilities should be provided at the tourist center so that tourist can feel at home, relaxed and be entertained when they visit. These recreational facilities such as swimming pools also serves as a means of generating revenue from tourists.

Infrastructural facilities in terms of buildings surrounding the Olumo rock are too old. Modern and fascinating structures should be constructed to replace the very old buildings located very close to the tourist site. When this is done, the beauty of the tourist site will glow.

Security is very important. According to Abraham Maslow in his theory of hierarchical need, security is the second in the hierarchy of human need that must be satisfy before moving onto higher needs. Adequate security should be built up in these tourist centers to assure both domestic and international tourist of their safety.

The media and publicity has an important role to play in the aspect of advertising and creating awareness of the destination so that a wider audience can be informed that such a place exists. This in a way can attract people to come and see for themselves what they heard about or about what they saw in the media.

When all these suggestions are put into practice, there is every tendency that tourism will emerge to be the most revenue generating sector in the state.

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