Covenant University is a part of the Liberation Commission that God gave to the Presiding Bishop of the Living Faith Church Bishop David Oyedepo, (Ph.D.) some years ago.

College of Business and Social Sciences

The College is composed of following schools:

  1. School of Business (SBUS)
  2. School of Social Sciences (SSSC).

There are six (6) Departments and ten (10) programmes. The Departments are Accounting, Banking and Finance, Business Management, Economics, Mass Communication and Sociology. The Department of Accounting runs programme in Accounting, the Department of Banking and Finance runs programme in Banking and Finance, the Department of Business Management offers programmes in Business Administration, Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship. The Department of Economics runs programmes in Economics, Demography and Social Statistics. The Department of Mass Communication runs programme in Mass Communication while the Department of Sociology runs programme in Sociology. All the programmes are accredited by the National Universities Commission (NUC) and relevant professional bodies.

College of Engineering (COE).

The college presently has five departments. The Departments are: Civil Engineering, Electrical and Information Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering and Chemical Engineering.

The Department of Civil Engineering offers programme in Civil Engineering, the Department of Electrical and Information Engineering offers programmes in Computer Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, and Information & Communication Engineering, the Department of Mechanical Engineering runs programme in Mechanical Engineering, the Department of Petroleum Engineering runs programme in Petroleum Engineering while the Department of Chemical Engineering runs programme in Chemical Engineering.

The college is walking in line with the vision of the university in helping to raise young stars, future leaders and world best engineers in all fields of endeavours for a better tomorrow.

The college also has well groomed lecturers ranging from professors, senior academic staff and well trained technologist. The non-teaching staffs are also available to work in hand with the academic staff in the college for a better and ready result. The students are groomed to tackle different challenges in the engineering field.

Our programmes are fully enriched with good course outlines which are well packaged to prepare our students for the successful practice of their profession anywhere in the world. The programmes are also to help the students achieve their full potentials and skills to the highest level. The programmes are fully accredited by the NUC.

College of Leadership Development Studies

School of Human Resource Development (SHRD) and School of Leadership Development (SLDV).

There are four (4) Departments and six (6) programmes. The Departments are Political Science and International Relations, Psychology, Languages and General Studies, and Leadership Studies. The Department of Political Science and International Relations offers programmes in International Relations, Policy and Strategic Studies and Political Science. The Department of Languages and General Studies has approval to run programmes in English and French. Psychology is also available as a programme. The Department of Leadership Studies runs Certificate and Diploma programmes in Leadership for all students in the University. All the programmes are accredited by the National Universities Commission (NUC).

College of Science and Technology (CST)

comprising Departments of Architecture, Building Technology, Estate Management, Biological Sciences, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Computer and Information Sciences, Mathematics and Physics.

Each of the Departments has articulated its specific mission and objectives as well as the specifics of its academic programmes in line with the vision and mission of the College. A total of eleven academic programmes are offered by the nine departments in the College. All the programmes were crafted with a view to producing job-ready graduates in science and technology with appropriate IT skills and capacity for independent thinking, creativeness and resourcefulness. The curricula of the programmes are unique, robust, current and comparable to the best in the world. They are designed not only to meet and surpass the basic academic standards prescribed by regulatory authorities in Nigeria but also to equip our students thereby making them spiritually buoyant, intellectually resourceful and physically fit to emerge as leaders in their chosen disciplines and solution providers in areas of their future endeavours.

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