Landmark University is a private University established by the Living Faith Church World Wide, committed to raising leaders who shall be equipped with skills and character to lead the world in meeting the needs of humanity-FOOD.

The name “Landmark” was inspired from the compelling establishment purpose, which is to advance learning through research by breaking new grounds of knowledge and innovation. Names are significant because individuals and corporate entities answer to their names. They remind not only the bearers but also the corporate operators, leaders and stakeholders of the institutions establishment purpose. From this understanding of purpose, they are able to detect if the University is truly breaking new grounds of knowledge through research or not.


In its bid to foster its Agrarian Revolution, the University is collaborating with the following institutions around the world:

  • Nottingham University
  • British Council
  • Boras University

The College of Agricultural Sciences

The College of Agricultural Sciences is one of the three pioneer Colleges at Landmark University. The College offers five-year Programmes leading to the award of the Bachelor of Agriculture (B. Agric) Degree in Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Extension and Rural Development, Animal Science, Crop Science and Soil Science. The College is the hub of the University’s agrarian revolution towards ensuring food safety revolution in Africa and the world in general. It exposes students to various improved techniques in both mechanized and non-mechanized agriculture. The University farm practice scheme for all students and staff is meant to impart requisite entrepreneurial skills and restore the dignity of labour. Each Department in the College is well equipped with adequate laboratories, teaching and research farms and competent staff with deep passion for teaching and research.

The following are the Departments in the College of Agriculture.

  • » Agricultural Extension and Economics
  • » Animal Science
  • » Crop and Soil Sciences

Admission Requirements

Candidates who intend to study Agricultural Science in Landmark University must have at least five (5) credit passes including English Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology or Agricultural Science. Candidates with a pass grade in Physics but with a credit pass in Geography or Economics may also be considered for admission. The UTME/JAMB examination subjects that qualify candidates for admission include English Language, Mathematics or Physics, Chemistry and Biology or Agricultural Science.

The College of Science and Engineering

The College of Science and Engineering is one of the three Colleges that provides academic programmes in Landmark University. It is famous for the culture of effective teaching of life-applicable research, mentorship in scientific and technological scholarship for new generation of global leaders. The College offers Four and Five-year Programmes in Science and Engineering respectively, leading to the award of Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Engineering Degrees. Programmes offered include Agricultural and Bio-systems Engineering, Biochemistry, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical and Information Engineering, Industrial Chemistry, Industrial Mathematics, Industrial Physics, Mechanical Engineering and Microbiology. Each programme in the College is designed to graduate individuals that are skilled, innovative and highly motivated to provide solution to global challenges.

The Philosophy of the College is founded on knowledge-based, problem-solving, IT-driven, multi-disciplinary approach to technological, natural and scientific needs of the world. Also, the philosophy recognizes critical understanding of the challenges of underdevelopment and the best approaches to redressing them. The College therefore trains students to be resourceful, creative, self-reliant and become think-tanks in their chosen careers.

The College presently consists of the following Departments

  • » Agric and Bio-system Engineering
  • » Biological Sciences
  • » Computer Science
  • » Chemical Engineering
  • » Civil Engineering
  • » Electrical and Information Engineering
  • » Mechanical Engineering
  • » Physical Sciences

The College of Business and Social Sciences

The College of Business and Social Sciences (CBS) has existed since the inception of the University and has since played a strategic role in the realization of raising visionary global leaders who are skilled in the art of leadership, entrepreneurship, scholarship, research and diligence. The College supports the University Management in all its operations, contextualizing ideas and models that promote efficient IT-based teaching, learning and creativity that are needed for breaking new grounds. The College building which is equipped with audio-visual and air conditioned classroom facilities is most conducive for the professional development of both staff and students.

The College currently offers Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) Degree Honours in the following Departments”:

  • » Accounting and Finance
  • » Business Administration
  • » Economics
  • » Political Science and International Relations
  • » Sociology.


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