Salem University was established in year 2009

The name “Salem” means PEACE symbolized and strengthened by the practice of mutual exchange of gift. The importance of gift for peace-making is underlined in the book of Genesis 14:18-19 where Melcchizedech, the Prince of Peace blessed Abraham.

Salem University Shields

The logo in oval shape consists of an open book sitting on a golden pillar, flanked by yellow sheaves and nine white stars underneath. ‘SU’ being the acronym for Salem University is on top of the open book

The Purple Color: The name Salem University is written in purple color. Purple symbolizes royalty and prestige.

The Blue Color: Blue is a symbol of peace which is the meaning of Salem. Salem University is on a mission to raise Global Leaders in a peaceful learning environment using the art of conflict management that enhances continuity of academics; thus training leaders that will promote peace and resolve conflicts in a world torn apart by conflict and violence.

The Golden Rod: The rod is the symbol of strength and character. When a leader is trained to be competent and has no character, chaos is inevitable.

Nine White Stars: The white stars symbolize light to the world. Graduates of Salem University shall be as stars shining into the dark path of the earth in character, knowledge and wisdom that change things in their environment.

Rising Sun: The rising sun from a dark blue background reveals the strength of light no matter how little. Graduates of Salem University, whether few or many, will be sufficiently equipped with character, knowledge and resilience to stand out no matter the challenges in the environment and make a difference as the rising sun.

Open Book: Being an institution of learning, the open book symbolizes continuous attention to learning and knowledge as instruments of change and empowerment.

The Sheaves: The sheaves represent fruitfulness as in harvesting the wheat corn fully ripe in its season.

The Vice Chancellor

     Prof. Dorcas Omanyo (Igonoh) Oluwade

Faculties, Schools and Institutes

Salem University has five (5) Faculties/Colleges and the Centre for Continuing Education & Entrepreneurial Studies (CCE&ES). The four faculties oversee schools and divisions that offer courses and award academic degrees.

Undergraduate Admission Requirement

  • Jamb UTME Result print out
  • SSCE/NECO Result (Awaiting Result Accepted) Two passport Photographs
  • A letter of sponsorship
  • A reference letter from a spiritual mentor vouching for character
  • Evidence of purchase of Salem University Application form

College of Management and Social Sciences

The College of Management and Social Sciences is as old as when the University commenced academic activities in January, 2009. The College is made up of two major components – the Management Sciences consisting of the Departments of Accounting & Finance, Business Administration, and Economics; and the Social Sciences consisting of the Departments of Criminology & Security Studies, Peace & Development Studies, and International Relations and diplomacy. The Handbook is an invaluable guide to all the Global Leaders of the College of Management and Social Sciences both old and new as it contains valuable information on the University and the College. It contains the code of conduct of academic requirements the University requires of any Global Leader. Hence, being in possession of such makes a Global Leader to be alive to his or her responsibility. It is hoped that all the members of staff and Global Leaders of the College will find this Information very useful as an instrument for life success.

College Natural and Applied Sciences


Natural Resources
Earth Sciences

College of Information and Communication Technology


Computer Science
Information Technology

College of Law

The College of Law secured the approval of both the National Universities Commission (NUC) and Council of Legal Education (CLE) following the facility verification visits of the two (2) approving bodies in November 2016 and May 2017 respectively.

The college has two (2) departments:
1. Public and International Law
2. Private and Property Law

College of Humanity

As a prerequisite to the establishment of the College of Law, the National Universities Commission approved the College of Humanities on February 24, 2016 following a resource verification exercise carried out in December 2015. The college currently has two (2) approved programmes, which are:
1. English Language
2. History & Diplomatic Studies

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